Being Grateful

Today is Thanksgiving Day and I wanted to post an essay about why gratitude is such an important virtue in bringing success, peace, and happiness in our lives!

We often measure our progress by the results that we get. And when we don’t get our desired outcomes, we get disappointed. We think we’re not progressing ahead. But as we go, we do not acknowledge the small victories that we get, but rather focus that we’re not getting the bigger results.

There are so many times that we feel bad that we have not achieved the life we desire or the success that we aspire for, but we have to be peace at ourselves. Instead of focusing on what did not happen, focus on what good things happened. Be happy but also jot down the lessons you have learned so far and work on improving the current circumstances.

In order to attract abundance in your life, the first step is being grateful for what you have now. Express gratitude for all the small and simple things in your life. You will learn that many people in the world experience poverty and don’t even have the basic necessities like clean drinking water and a roof over their head like you have right now! So be happy and content with what you have right now; in reality, you have more than you think you have!

So aim high but also at the same time set goals and missions that stretch you rather than degrade you. Be like a marathoner and not like a sprinter.

Be happy that you’re taking action, learning lessons and amassing small victories. There are so many things/incidents that can happen to you anytime that can strip away even those basic abilities, so feel grateful that you’re taking action and progressing ahead even though you’re not getting results.

And do not compare yourself to other people. If someone has achieved more success than you, do not be disappointed about that but rather get inspired and learn from him/her. Believe in abundance and the fact that great things are coming your way as well. Believe that if you keep taking action and learning lessons, you will achieve results and be at the same level in the near future.

Practice gratefulness in all aspects of life. Appreciate the good things about life and focus on the things that you’re grateful for even though sometimes you are unhappy with the current situation or circumstances. Feel thankful for your family, your friends, your lover and all the amazing things that have happened to you, that you don’t consciously when you get stuck in the everyday life. This will make an internal shift and you will be a creator of happiness rather than being affected by external stimuli or situations.

I would highly recommend making it a daily habit to practice gratefulness. Every morning, make a list of 5 things you’re grateful for about yourself, your life or in general. At night before bedtime, write 3 good things that happened during the day. With these habits, your brain will be trained to seek out positive things rather than being at its default state of picking up negativity.

I hope you feel grateful now for reading this post, and just realize the truth that there could have been far worse things that could have happened to you, but they didn’t. Be happy and content with the present situation and find the peace within you.


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