Brevity and Preciseness



Life is short. We don’t have time for anything and everything. As a big time conversationalist, it was a great realization for me to understand that brevity and preciseness in your communication are so important!

Your communication is direct and to the point. Being precise is powerful. People will learn that you are someone who is always focused and knows what he/she wants. Being precise also adds mystery and sparks interest from other people. They are curious what you have to say about something and your opinion will be greatly considered and appreciated.

Again, there has to be a good balance. You cannot make the mistake of being too brief or silent that the other person feels you have no interest in them. Being funny and charming goes very well with being brief.

Also, many times we make the mistake of saying things that people misinterpret so a direct and concise interaction helps you avoid those land mines.

In these days of technology, another way that most people communicate is via texting, whether it be through phone or the internet. After countless interactions, I have realized that minimalistic texting works out best! Text less, and focus on more initiating a meeting with the other person, especially if this person is someone who you’re interested in romantically.

Moreover, when you speak less, you become more of an observer of the interaction. I would suggest mainly focusing on the body language of the other person as most of the communication is nonverbal.

As I’ve been writing and blogging more, you may have noticed that my posts have become more concise and to the point as well. This is important because you realize and become aware of the fact that your audience is spending their valuable time for reading, so conciseness and driving the point home in a quick and short manner will get them hooked. Fluffiness won’t grab their attention and they won’t be drawn towards reading more of your posts. This is something that I have learned from Seth Godin’s blog; his posts are so thoughtful, short and easy to read.

I hope you’ll employ brevity and conciseness in all ways of your communications, it’ll make you more productive and happy, I promise!

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