Chipping away the excess

We schedule a lot of things and activities during the day. Some are exciting, while some are boring and monotonous. We overwhelm ourselves with so many items in our to-do list that we don’t get time to do things that add meaning to our lives.

We want to make everyone happy, but we don’t put our happiness first. We all have to do minuscule compromises and sacrifices, but this is not a great way to live in the long run. Our human life is precious and we have to do things that we really enjoy doing and get rid of all the superfluous engagements; even the people around us that don’t enrich our lives and influence us positively.

I have been studying and implementing different tactics of minimalism, and one habit that I have proudly gained for life is getting rid of excess.

Excess has no purpose; it is meaningless. Excess indicates a lack of focus and clarity. Excess stops your life and your progress. Whether be it an excess of materialistic things in your life, or excess of body weight, they all anchor you down. Dump all the excess and choose freedom.

Freedom means decimating all the anchors and chains that hold you down once and for all. In order to live a true and meaningful life, we have to have a vision of what our ideal self is and what our ideal life is, and do things that take us in that direction.

When Michelangelo was asked how he created his masterpiece David, he simply said: “It was easy. I already saw David in the marble, I just chipped away the surplus.”

As you chip away the excess from your life, sure it will hurt but we have to understand it is actually for the betterment of your life. A coal has to endure a lot of discomfort and pressure till it becomes a diamond. And we all know the value of diamonds.

We have a short span of life on this magnificent orb, so direct your focus and energy towards doing things that really matter to you, that you get a great sense of meaning from and that take your life forward in the direction of what your vision is.

Take action and start chipping away the excess, because the sooner you start doing it, the sooner you will set yourself free!

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