Clogging of Pipes

The subtle phenomenon of clogging happens in all aspects of our lives, whether it be health, wealth or success in general. Clogging, in essence, refers to having all those unnecessary habits and negative beliefs that stop the flow of great things coming to our lives. When you clog the pipes through which success, happiness, health and abundance flow, with negative behaviors, living an extraordinary life becomes a far-fetched dream.

It’s not about working hard but it’s about correcting beliefs and previous thinking patterns that keep us stuck. We need to get rid of our faulty programming and reprogram our brains with new, effective behaviors.

Many of us think that achieving success and our ideal life is going to be a lot of hard work, sacrifice and long hours before we see any results. We struggle and make ourselves miserable in this process. Sooner or later, our thoughts become convoluted and our minds get clouded. In spite of our tremendous efforts, nothing seems to be working. We can’t seem to find a way out! Some of us give up; some thrive, but in pain and reluctance. Truth be told, we don’t have to make success such a big ordeal. The solution is simple: It’s not about making things happen, it’s about allowing them to happen.

We are surrounded by abundance and opportunities everywhere, but when our limiting beliefs blind us, we don’t see them. Let great things and amazing experiences come into your life; don’t object or obstruct them! The simple act of tuning ourselves to their frequency can be a game changer.

Few months back, I watched a documentary called Forks Over Knives. In the movie, they explain how consistent consumption of meat, dairy, and unhealthy processed food can be detrimental for our bodies. What happens over time is our arteries get clogged by a buildup of cholesterol. This impedes the flow of blood resulting in many people undergoing a bypass surgery in order to survive. The good stuff, in this case, is blood, pumped by the heart and required for the nourishment of organs. But if the arteries and blood vessels get clogged, it slows down blood flow and builds blood pressure. This affects the heart and other organs, and ends up having negative consequences for the general well-being and health of a person. Based on the case studies that were featured in the documentary, in order to transform their health, the only thing that patients had to do was start eating healthy whole foods, plant-based diet. When they took care of their bodies and added healthy behaviors and habits, the clogging diminished, and their health and vitality improved significantly.

In a similar fashion, to transform our lives, we have to make sure that we commit to habits, behaviors, and actions that enhance our finances, health, and relationships. As Darren Hardy explains in his book The Compound Effect, small habits whether they’re good or bad can have a significant impact on our lives and our success, as they compound over time. Hence, it’s our responsibility to eliminate faulty actions and bad habits to ensure a continuous flow of riches and overall well-being.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. We are meant to be prosperous and have all the beautiful things and experiences that we desire. The only thing that is stopping us is basically ourselves and our own limiting thoughts and habits. We build a wall around us and close ourselves. We are not open to new ideas and actions that can revive and jumpstart our success. This has to change!

My intention for you is to live a life enriched with ease, prosperity, and greatness. And that can only happen if you take the responsibility, today, to commit to a healthy mindset and get rid of all the self-sabotaging activities that you engage in! The secret to your success lies within you.


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