Creating space

Often times we get so carried away by doing things and actions that fill up our lives that we forget about ourselves. Doing is great, but for us, we have to create spaces in our schedules just to ‘be’.

We need to bring mindfulness in our actions and otherwise. We must choose what our priorities are and be sure that we don’t overwhelm ourselves with ‘doing’ things all the time. We have to set up certain time just to be, relax and let go of our hustle. It may be a nice bubble bath or just sitting at the pool with our legs soaked in, or simply looking out of our windows sipping a cup of tea. Design your schedules in such a way that you get these kinds of spaces in your schedule where you can simply enjoy some peace of mind without feeling guilty or under any pressure.

Because of the society and the popular culture of being ‘busy’, we have started incorporating so many activities in our schedule that we don’t get time to even take a breather!

As a Karma Yogi who is taking actions daily, the last thing I want you to experience is exhaustion and fatigue. It is very important that you set aside time where you can contemplate for a while and be in touch with yourself. Only then, you will be able to align with yourself and know what kind of actions and work bring joy to you.

Rest, recovery and being in tune with ourselves has life-changing benefits. We are exposed to so many situations, people and so many different schools of thoughts, partly because of the information overload we are experiencing these days, that we need some time out to know what actually aligns with us and make it a point to stick with it. It is highly important to incorporate space within our schedules. There is no need to feel ‘rushed’ all the time and to be honest, there is no point in doing that! Long-term consequences weigh much more than the thrill of finishing tasks one after another.

Cut back on the activities that are taking too much time out of your plate and not adding value to your life. If you think a certain kind of volunteering position is not fulfilling and takes a lot out of you, get rid of it and find another one with fewer hours. If you are working overtime frequently, focus on finishing your work within the work hours or start finding another job that will not be overwhelming. Be mindful of activities that you are participating and if it is taking towards the destination where you want to be, or not. We all have limited time in our hands, and we have to be careful how we use it!

The beauty of Karma Yogi scheduling is such that for a certain amount of time, you take action daily, and the premise is it should not overwhelm you when you are a beginner. In order to start learning a new skill, the first step is creating time, and most of us are not inclined to carve out time in our lives because we are so ‘busy’. But when you eliminate the pressure and start with a minuscule amount of time, say a minute or two daily, and slowly building up, that’s when change starts to happen.

In order to create soulful music, along with notes the spaces between are also important; that’s when the magic happens. In a similar fashion, along with deliberate mindful actions, creating space to contemplate, reflect and be in tune with ourselves is vital in order to lead a happy and successful life. We may jump on a hamster wheel and keep doing a particular action we think will benefit us, but then after a while, we may realize that we may need to tweak our approach or completing stop doing it. Without contemplation and reviewing, this will not happen. And we may keep doing actions without getting any results and scratching our heads all the time.

So, to be concise, have a mindset of relentless hustling with persistence and consistency, but make it a point to create spaces and vacuum in your schedule as well. The peace and tranquility of those moments will end up rejuvenating you.

And not only on a daily basis, but also schedule certain spaces on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis in proportion to the time that has gone, so that we can relax and rejuvenate. Also, if a long span of time has passed, say six months to a year, we can look back and know how we have grown and what actions and behaviors have yielded us with maximum benefits. Reviewing is as important as taking actions!

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