Cure to Holiday Anxiety

I get a certain anxiety during holidays. Now I am much better at handling this, but previously it has been difficult for me.

I hated this holiday season because of one reason: I didn’t know what to do! Since previous five years, I have always been busy doing some kind of work. Last year I was miserable because I was working all the time.

This year, I actually feel grateful that I can enjoy this holiday season without any work pressure. Also, I have worked on myself, and now I know what I truly love to do and what satisfies me. This blog has brought a great sense of happiness and satisfaction in my life. I feel I have a purpose and I’ve fallen in love with writing.

As a side note, I strongly feel everyone should write. It’s like therapy, and I feel it’s a kind of meditation for me.

This holiday season I am making a conscious decision to relax, have fun and let it go. I used to think since few years that holidays are not for me, and this is my fate: to work hard all the time. My only solution to spending holiday season was work. But this was so incorrect.

Now I know the value of holidays. Holidays are a good way to step back and figure out what’s working for you and what’s not. They are instrumental in taking a break, relaxing and refueling your jets. Even if you’re working, you have to make sure that work is bringing you joy and making you happy, rather than imprisoning you in some way. But stepping back and relaxing and having fun is very important!

This holiday season, my message to you would be: If circumstances allow, take a break if you’re doing a day job that you don’t love to do. Even if you are doing work that you enjoy, take a break if you can and re-evaluate your choices and decisions you’ve made so far. Do the things that bring fun into your life. If possible, spend time with your family and friends.

I understand the anxiety around holidays, because I have been through it, and I still go through it sometimes. But working hard is not a solution. As counterintuitive it may sound to you, detach yourself from your day job or business, and do things that you’ve been wanting to do!

For these holidays, my purposes would be writing, minimalizing my stuff, reviewing my year and establishing goals for the first 90 days of next year. This year, I am challenging the pattern that I’ve been living so far, and doing things that will bring happiness in my life.

Holidays are good opportunities to rediscover yourself and get in touch with your core happy self, that recognizes your true source of fun.

I’m fighting debt at this point in my life. I wish I could travel and discover a new city or town, but my finances do not allow me at this point in time. You may be in a similar situation as well, where you don’t have resources to do things that you enjoy doing. But the truth is, your happiness should not be based on something external, it should be from within. Finding joy in small things, and rediscovering your passions at the same time keeping intentionality about your goals is key to genuine happiness and profound joy.

Holidays are meant to be happy, not filled with anxiety and depression. Accept your state, don’t resist it, but value your free time and find out things that really bring joy to you. It may be playing an instrument or cleaning and organizing. A tiny start is enough, and once that spark of happiness is there, it’ll keep snowballing.

Like me, promise yourself not to work too hard, and enjoy this holiday season as much as you can! I’m grateful my patterns are changing; I hope you get some new insights this season as well!

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

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