There are so many distractions in our lives. Some we are aware of, and some either we’re totally unaware, or our brain doesn’t recognize them as distractions. They take our priceless attention and distract us from all the important things we need to focus on.

Lately, I’ve realized that I’ve become highly addicted to my smartphone, and some particular apps. I’m grateful I have an innate hate towards addiction! And when I feel I cannot do without something, I question myself: ‘Is it worth it?’

I’m focusing on Minimalism these days, and as days are going ahead, I’m getting hooked on it, and getting a weird sense of joy and happiness that I have not experienced before. This journey has made me more conscious of distractions in my life. As I’m removing apps from my phone that I no longer require, and getting rid of notifications and subscriptions, I am realizing all of these were actually mini-distractions that were ruining my mental peace and focus.

Distractions are not good for you, they affect your focus and clarity. If I want to help you avoid distractions and make it more action-based, I would suggest taking your smartphone (I’m assuming you have one as they days they are in abundance!) and look at the apps you have, and all the notifications you’re getting. Once you start getting rid of apps and unnecessary notifications, you will realize your addiction to being distracted by your smartphone.

Distractions these days are also a crusher of patience. Patience is such an important virtue and the fast culture today has made us humans creatures of impatience that are hungry for self-gratification at a lightning speed. Distractions give a short-lived peak of happiness and are short-term, but patience and focus will give you a sense of joy that will last long and incomparable satisfaction.

Distractions, no matter how big or small they are, are killers of happiness, focus, and clarity! I would highly urge to get rid of them starting now; the sooner you start, the quick your brain will rewire.

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