Entertainment Time is Scanning Time

If you are someone who is a constant learner and enjoys writing and journaling like me, then I’m sure you will have tons of paper clutter and unmonitored piles of documents sitting around in your office and/or home. The sad part is that all this paper clutter soon starts to weigh in on us and impedes our mental tranquility and creativity. The minor irritations due to paper clutter can also have a negative impact on our productivity.

Many of us get inspired to adopt the journey of minimalism and get rid of the superfluous clutter that surrounds us. After reading and listening to the various decluttering success stories, we get a high-quality document scanner right away so that we are able to get rid of the paper clutter in record time.

But our ‘busy’ schedules keep us from taking matters in hand and eliminating that clutter. The truth is that we are not making scanning and backing up all those documents in the digital format and letting go of the burden of papers a priority.

It’s amazing how we have time to watch movies and shows on Netflix, to go out with our friends and participate in social activities, but we don’t seem to carve out time to take care of unnecessary paper clutter and scan the important documents in our homes. With ADF (Automated Document Feeder) scanners, the task of eliminating paper clutter and digitizing them has become super easy requiring minimal effort from our side. We can easily let go of the unnecessary paper clutter that we hold on to, but the challenging part is cultivating a discipline to do so.

I struggled for a long time to come up with a good and consistent way to scan and declutter the monumental amount of paper clutter in my home so that I can get rid of them. I tried and tested some strategies and even invested in a high-quality ADF scanner but in vain… and then I finally figured out one!

In my attempt to help you out in finding a good and stable solution for your scanning woes, I want to introduce a strategy that I have employed in my life for few weeks and it has worked like a charm.

I’m a firm believer in scheduling activities on my calendar because the bitter truth is: no scheduling equals no action. We are all well aware of the life-changing benefits of cultivating discipline and habits and hence I wanted to introduce the idea of making scanning documents a daily activity. In order to make that happen, I started anchoring my scanning time to my entertainment time.

Every weekday evening, I spend around 15-20 minutes watching comedy after dinner so that I can get my daily dose of laughs. As we all are aware of the famous adage, ‘Laughter is the best medicine’, I made it a priority to watch comedy every day several months back. Laughing not only helps in releasing physical and emotional stress and tension, but we also start appreciating the funny side of things. It helps us in becoming relaxed and lighthearted, taking it easy and not take life so seriously.

Now, whenever I start watching comedy, I take the papers and documents that I had previously separated for digitizing and start scanning them with my ADF scanner. Basically what I’ve managed to do is make scanning a fun activity for myself, something that I look forward to. And because I do this every day, it has become a daily habit for me. As a result, my scanning and paper decluttering rates have skyrocketed.

As of now, I don’t have a strict discipline for scanning for the weekends as I focus more on decluttering, shredding papers and organizing physical and digital files during those days when I have time; I do the aforementioned scanning routine only on weekday evenings.

This strategy may work out for you, maybe not, but it’s worth experimenting with it. I hope it proves to be useful to you as it has for me and helps you in getting rid of tons of paper clutter so that you are able to attain both physical as well as mental clarity in a shorter time frame.


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