Have faith, good things are going to happen!

Our reality and worthiness are based on the results that we’ve got so far in our lives. As we get more and more favorable results, we start believing that we’re actually capable of achieving the things that we desire. Without any results or evidence to back up, it’s a challenge most of the times to establish our worthiness in our minds that we can actually attain all those things. But feeling unworthiness or disappointment due to lack of results and success is not the solution!

In one of the interviews of Eckhart Tolle, he says that he was seen as a failure by the society, including his mother, prior to the release of his book ‘The Power of Now’. He had quit his graduate school and was writing his book at that time. Once the book was out and a bestseller, people immediately changed their opinions and he was considered a major success. In reality, he was the same person all the time. In the interview, he says he never listened to his mind, because if he would have had, he never would have gone further in his journey of being a well-known author and speaker.

We have to cultivate the faith that things will work out for us eventually.

The truth is we have always been capable of receiving things or getting things that we truly want. Have faith, and start seeing things that do not exist yet. Have faith that your desires will be manifested, and start feeling how would you feel if you achieved the results that you want already.

Recognizing the feeling of being successful and getting results is so important. Changing our consciousness is the key.

All we have to do is make a list of things and experiences that we wish for. Once we do that, we have to realize that all these things and experiences are not a necessity if we want to feel good.

Our feeling good is not dependent on these things, rather it works the exact opposite way. Feel good now and start doing things that make you feel good. When you do that, also have faith that things will work out the way exactly you want them to.

The most important thing is to act, but we also have to realize what is driving that action: desperation/lack or belief/abundance? Is your action inspired by your goals and where you see yourself to be or is it inspired by current lack and desperation in your life. Let your happiness direct your actions and not the other way around. You have to be happy and feel good that you’re on the journey to your destination.

This is what life’s all about: being on the path to CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT and achieving things that you truly want with faith inside you that everything is going to work out fine eventually.

Faith will also help us in practicing positive emotions rather than negative emotions. We will focus on abundance, growth and develop the virtues of patience and trust. You will be acting because you are feeling good right here, right now and that is making you happy and inspiring you to take action. Your actions will not be chores, they will be inspired and fulfilling. When you practice this, you will be on the path to find happiness through your actions and hence on your path to be a true Karma Yogi!

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