Fear of Judgement

As human beings, whether consciously or unconsciously, we judge everyone around us. This is a human tendency and we don’t have to feel guilty about this. Wherever we go, being judged is one of the biggest fears all of us have. Some don’t care, whereas some are highly sensitive to this fact and take things personally. The latter group always wants people around them to like them no matter what. And they go to any lengths to please them and make them happy.

But fear of judgement often stops us from taking action. Fear of judgement and self-doubt are two things that come in the way to express our creativity, our true potential and in taking risks. We know what actions we need to take but we are afraid that other people will judge us and throw barbs of criticism towards us.

As children, we are all rebels but as we grow up, we try to fit in the society and do what everyone does because that is what we are taught. The truth is that we can all find the middle ground. We can be rebels embracing our true selves and expressing our creative selves, while still remaining within the confines of the society and culture we live in.

Fear of judgements comes in many different ways, whether it be talking to a random stranger on public transport and fearing what other people will think about it, or starting your own creative venture. We are afraid to let our true selves come out and people realizing what our true aspirations are, and what we really want in our life. We are always scared of what other people will think about us. If we keep continuing with this mindset, we won’t go far in our lives and live the true expression of ourselves.

We have to understand, that people will always judge us no matter what we do. Then why not choose the path that is of least resistance to us and makes us happy? Why feel uncomfortable carrying the weight that we are not living our truth by following the herd?

At the end of the day,  fear of judgement is just like any other fear, irrational but harmful in nature. It’s connected to other fears within us: fear of failure, fear of success, and fear of uncertainty. They all point towards discomfort. And I believe the best antidote is to make ourselves uncomfortable a habit.

On the other side of fear of judgement is the accomplishment of our goals, finding a new life long friend, meeting your ideal partner and becoming successful in your creative venture. And so many victories that are waiting for us. Fear of judgement is a tiny speck of dust relative to all the achievements that we can have.

Everyone will have an opinion on us, everyone will come up with comments, whether good or bad. Many people will demean us and throw darts at us, but there will also be people that will support us and cheer us in our journey.

If we live in the vicinity of fear of judgement, we will keep burdening ourselves with invisible rocks of regrets. These tiny regrets will keep building up and destroy our self-confidence and self-esteem.

Fear of judgement is like pleasure, lasting for a few mins and then gone. But if we overcome it and make the right decision for us and our success, the results are long-lasting.

People are usually invested in their own lives and their own miseries. In reality, they don’t even care; their comments are merely a reflection of themselves, their limiting beliefs and their insecurities. We have to make a choice for ourselves: fear of judgement or happiness.

Getting past the fear of judgement means being vulnerable. And vulnerability is an act of courage. It is not easy, but we have to keep doing these acts of courage consistently, if not daily. They slowly compound and gently nudge in transforming ourselves to become the person WE want to be rather than the person that society wants us to be.


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