The First Few Steps Are Always Hard

Whether it be starting a new project or incorporating and establishing new habits in our lives, it does take effort in the beginning. There is no way around it. But before we start on our new endeavor, we have to be clear about what we are trying to achieve and if it will add meaning and happiness to our lives.

Often times, the mental fog stops us from doing what is necessary to take us to the next level. This can manifest in resistance and an opposition to change. It is like those brakes that stop us from going further ahead and gaining momentum. Our fears end up pulling us apart in two directions: on one side are the things that we truly want and on the other side of this tug-of-war are our faulty behaviors and our resistance to change.

We need to be able to get outside of our comfort zones. Sometimes going with the effortless flow of life requires us to develop a consciousness towards it and take action. And hence it does take an effort to get started and take the first few steps. When we are not truly aligned with our dreams and goals, it may seem hard and a lot of effort and a futile struggle. And that’s the right time to take a step back, meditate and reevaluate our priorities. There is no point in chasing dreams that the society and the people have instilled in us. We never end up becoming our true selves, and the effort and work that we put in never fulfill us. Why not live a life and do the work that resonates with our core values?

We need to be honest with ourselves and aim for clarity: clarity of purpose and who we want to become. Only with clarity, we would be able to give our full attention and focus to doing the actions that will help us transform our lives.

You don’t want to start something that you know will not fulfill you and keep directing your energy and focus towards it as there will always be a misalignment between your thoughts and your actions. If our actions are not a reflection of our values, this discord trips us and we keep stumbling unsure of what direction we want to go. We also need to be mindful that changing directions may not be a cakewalk. This is analogous to the momentum that the merry-go-round picks up; once it’s going around in a full swing, it is not easy to just jump out of it. We’ll experience pain, dizziness and a lot of hurts when we get out of it without caution. However, with care, attention, introspection, and proper planning, this can be completely avoided.

Sometimes, when we want to start a new venture, maybe the clarity has not been achieved but our inclination towards action is so strong that we just cannot help. Since this action is heavily inspired, we should go for it. In those cases, we need to understand and have faith that with action, clarity will come to us eventually. We have to be mindful as we go ahead and keep gauging if the action is making us feel good and fulfilled or not.

The first few initial steps can actually be very beneficial as well, as they can prove to be a litmus test for us. If you are able to push through those hard times and commit to sticking to the process in spite of the resistance, it means that the inspiration and the drive within you are real, strong and you are rooting for something that you truly want. But, if the first few steps seem to be exhausting, and the process seems like a constant struggle and a repetitive unnecessary, monotonous and soul crunching ordeal, then it’s not the thing that you really want to do. If you are not experiencing effortlessness and enjoying the flow, then it’s time to take a step back and reevaluate so that we can figure out something else. Sometimes the best action is to take some rest and let the alignment happen.

The path of least resistance is simple but not easy. The first few steps can be hard but we need to look at the overall picture. If it takes us to a life that is full of joy, prosperity, ease, and effortlessness, then why not do those first few steps that are difficult? Why not step outside of our comfort zones and do the things that are necessary? Why stop ourselves from striving for excellence and clarity instead of getting engulfed with mediocrity and confusion? It is our responsibility to take care of ourselves and our lives.

You are an amazing being and it’s time to take charge and live the extraordinary life that you were meant to live. It’s all a matter of choosing the right work and the right actions. Once you are aligned and have the momentum on your side, trust me, you will be unstoppable!

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  1. mh

    October 9, 2017 at 5:40 pm

    That was very introspective

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