Forcing Things to Happen

We believe that in order to attain success and make our dreams a reality, we need to work harder. Otherwise, we’ll never be able to achieve the life we dream of, bring the partner we desire or get the success we want in our career path or business. But this is a myth and a false premise to take actions from.

We have to believe that there is a natural flow to how things happen and it’s governed by laws of the Universe. Sometimes it works out in our favor, sometimes it doesn’t. Accepting this fact is crucial, otherwise, we’ll always try making things happen, with zero success.

So many times we employ different strategies and use intricate methods to get success but all in vain. We start harboring disappointment and hopelessness. But the truth is we are only in control of our actions, not the results we get. When we try to control our outcomes, we communicate feelings of lack and desperation; and initiate a train of negative emotions that sway us away from our true nature.

Rather than controlling things, we need to learn to let them go. We need to stop taking everything seriously, and personally. It’s time you regain your power. True power is putting in the work, doing what is necessary and let things unfold by themselves. It’s going with the natural flow of things. Power keeps us grounded. When we force things to happen, it’s a sign of weakness.

An important founding principle of being a Karma Yogi is letting go and detachment. When we let go of trivial things and let events take their natural course, we communicate power and abundance. We practice the purest form of control: self-control.

Disappointments, lack of results and despair may engulf as our efforts don’t get rewarded but letting go of them will free us from the misery that comes with them. Instead of thinking of your past failures, focus on your next project.

When we apply force to make things happen, we try too hard. Instead of banging your head against a wall, take a step back and relax. Align with your Wiser Self by meditating or taking a nap; that will help you take away the restlessness and confusion that you’re experiencing.

If we keep trying to make things happen, they usually end up becoming worse. When we let go and let things happen naturally, it may seem counterintuitive to start expecting results that we want. But we need to have faith that they will come to us eventually. Results may take their time and our expectations may still not be fulfilled instantaneously as we live our lives. But the advantage of letting go is that when you’re faced with the slowness of manifestations and/or lack of results, you’re in a much better place, emotionally and psychologically. You are in the comfort of positive emotions and in a position of power, instead of falling prey to negativity and victimhood.

Whenever we go with the flow and are in sync with nature, we always win. Educating ourselves about the laws of nature and accepting them will bring us the inner peace and tranquility we deeply desire. Surrendering, in this context, is an act of power. Becoming a rebel will cause an immense amount of pain and misery and is not worth it if we look at the bigger picture.

So why not let go of things and let life unfold naturally? Why not detach yourself from the heaviness of outcomes? Why not take inspired actions and do what makes us feel good? Why not take the easier and effortless path when we have a choice? There is nothing you need to prove to anyone. Let go of the control, let go of your ego.

Detach and let the heaviness go. Your power awaits you, embrace it! Embrace inspired actions, embrace your Wiser Self, embrace the path of least resistance.

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