How many hours have you spent in your life?



Calculate the number of days you’ve lived in years and multiply by 365, and then by 24. You will get to know an approximate number of hours lived so far.

Now question yourself, have you achieved your dreams and all the things you desire in that time frame? I’m sure the answer for most of you would be: Absolutely not!

We have to understand that time is flowing constantly, and we only have a finite number of hours to live in this life. If we’re not putting whatever time we’ve been given to a good use, then we’re not living life in the truest way. Each living being has a purpose, and we have to understand our mission in our life. It may be quick, or it may take long to identify it, but once we do, we should immerse ourselves in fulfilling it every single day of our lives.

Today, make a decision to spend your time consciously, know what your priorities and dreams are, and work every day to get closer to them. Time is ticking!

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