Let life catch up with you

As I opened up my laptop today morning, the welcome screen greeted me and I swiftly entered my password. But I could not see a single dot typed. My computer was acting slow and I had to wait for a while until the dots appeared and I was able to log in.

Interestingly, in those few moments, I had a sudden realization: Isn’t life sometimes like our computer? Often times, we really want to manifest our thoughts and bring things into actuality. Get a solution real quick for a major problem that we are facing. We do our work, but still like the blank space we see after we enter the password, we see nothing. Well like our computer, life has to catch up with us. And to get the things in our life, we have to wait for them to manifest in life.

As we finish our actions, we should let it go. Do not get disappointed if you don’t have any results or statistics in favor of you because growing anything takes time. Even with your business, or your creative endeavors, enjoy the process and do what’s needed of you. And let it go! Results will come, the dots will show up. It may take a while, but things will work for us eventually because manifestations in the physical reality take a while to catch up with us.

We have to cultivate patience. All we have to do is show up and put in the work. The only thing we have control over is our actions and giving our best. And trying to control things around us is futile and will make us miserable. It is not the path of least resistance!

Sometimes in haste when we don’t see the password appear on the screen, we think it is our faulty action. Basically, we don’t want to wait and start typing again. This is the illusion of action, that we replicate in real life too. We think it is our lack of action that is not bringing us results, and instead of being patient and working smarter, we end up working harder. This doesn’t contribute much to the overall picture and ends up exhausting us. And when the dots appear we realize that we made a mistake as the password seems incorrect. We end up deleting everything and start from scratch, entering the password this time slowly and cognitively. Wouldn’t it have been better if we would have waited for a few moments earlier? It would have saved us both time and energy. That’s why we have to cultivate the virtue of patience in ourselves and have faith that the physical manifestations will show up. Instead of immersing ourselves in action taking, we have to take a step back and seek for alignment with the Source energy within us first.

You may ask: What if the screen remains frozen for a long time, and if the wait is too long? Well then go by your gut feeling. In many cases, the intelligent thing to do would be to reboot your computer, which in real life translates to rebooting your strategy. Have a different approach, know how we can make things work from our side. And then see if life responds to us in the way we would like to. We have to keep tweaking and adjusting our course of action until we achieve the success that we desire.

So the next time you see a ‘Loading…’ sign or the characters take some moments to show up on your computer screen, be patient and take it easy. You will get going again sooner than you think.


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