Motivated Action vs Inspired Action

In the world of personal development, there are a lot of people who motivate us to do certain actions. We are motivated by public speakers to incorporate habits in our life but often times the motivation serves for us only in the short-term and is not life-lasting. Sooner or later, we lose sight and go astray.

Overall, we engage in two kinds of actions: motivated actions and inspired actions.  With motivated actions, we rely on an external source for helping us in taking action. But in an inspired action, the willingness is natural and intrinsic.

The distinction between motivated action and inspired action can be known by two factors. First is that we feel good when we do the actions that we feel inspired to do. The second thing is that we are fueled by the right reason, by the Why.

Sure there are some actions that we have to do that are difficult for us in the beginning but the Why behind those actions makes the difficulty tolerable. All the motivated actions can be converted into inspired actions if the two requirements are satisfied.

The first step is building a foundation and that means getting our thoughts on our side. We have to believe that the Universe has our back.  All we have to do is enjoy the juiciness of life, take it easy and focus on effortlessness. That brings the focus inside us, what we are about, and we refine the interests that make us feel good.

When we do inspired actions because we’re already feeling good, by the Law of Attraction we feel better as we do more and more of that work.  It takes us in the upward spiral.  But when we do motivated actions we may feel good in the short-term. However, over time, our motivation wanes. Unless we have the right reasons, actions seem difficult and we end up ‘struggling’.

It is up to us to light the fire of inspiration within us.  Our best bet is to do inspired actions because we are more willing to stick to them. We embrace and enjoy all the highs and lows that come with it. Priorities change life and so are inspired actions change as well,  but there would be some habits that we cultivated over time by getting inspired by other people and they always stay with us. We have to constantly be vigilant about the actions we take and the reasons behind them because that will keep us on the right track.

As Tony Robbins has mentioned, people are more willing to avoid pain rather than choosing pleasure. But when we know why we are taking actions, the struggle, the drudgery, and the pain don’t bother us. The momentary defeats are shrouded by the magnificent glory that our work will bring to us. When Michelangelo was painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel he had to go through countless pains and miseries but it was his vision that dictated his actions. Today, it’s deemed as a masterpiece and one of the most important paintings in the world.  

When we act by external motivation,  we are driven by the results we want, but an inspired action is about taking action in the moment without worrying about the results. There’s a feeling of lack lurking around when we take motivated action. Sometimes our feelings of envy, jealousy, and resentment drive our actions and intentions, but inspired action is all about abundance, patience and going with the flow.

Motivated actions are forceful and depleting, whereas inspired actions are easy and expansive. In my experience, a motivated action has always made me anxious and guilty whenever I don’t do what I was supposed to,  but inspired actions have always made me comfortable. There’s a feeling of happiness, joy, growth, and awesomeness when we take inspired actions. It’s relaxing and rejuvenating when we do what we really want to do.

When we’re aligned with our true selves, we take inspired action effortlessly and automatically.  We know what is right for us and how we want to design our lives.  Work seems like play, and life is all about having fun and embracing every moment. We enjoy the deliciousness of life and the human experience. We start appreciating small things and admire the beauty of the fabric of life.

The foundation changes when our thoughts change.  When we are in alignment with our true interests we take action that inspires us. Inspired action is easy and effortless, but motivated action on the other side is doing something that we are told to do we may or may not like doing it.

If you have a gift or talent you would like to share with this world, then inspired action is your best bet.  Because only through inspired action your ideas will become reality. You’ll be on course to living the life that you really want to live and it’ll be sooner than you think.  So, get inspired and get started.


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  1. Candice

    July 15, 2017 at 3:53 pm

    This is an amazing post. I like that you made the difference between inspired action and motivated action. I like the benefits of inspired action. Motivated action won’t last long. But inspiration…..ahhh yessss thats the good stuff!

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