Re-calibrating your Goals

It’s important that we keep revisiting our goals. As the year started, many of us got pumped up to make a significant change in our lives. But now as we are nearing the end of the first month, the motivation has already started waning for most of us.

The dichotomy of goal setting is that although it helps us achieve extraordinary feats, we can become negligent of the fact that we are putting an immense amount of pressure on ourselves in order to achieve them. This pressure can cost our mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

We need to revisit our goals and as we go through them, become aware of the nature of feelings bubbling inside us. A good question that we can ask ourselves is:

Do I feel pressured and overwhelmed, or do I feel a sense of inspiration and clarity?

Motivation will not take us too far. Unless we are inspired and have a nostalgia for the glory of achieving our goals in the future, we will not put in the required work.

Sometimes we overestimate how much we can achieve in a short time frame. If we write down goals that are too lofty for ourselves, we increase the resistance within us stopping us in our tracks altogether. We may not be in tune with our goals and subconsciously we may still believe that we would never achieve our goals as they are too far from the realm of possibility. Alternately, our goals may not be our true destinations altogether and mere shadows of others’ goals.

We need to be honest and set goals that stretch us and lead us towards expansion, but not towards lack, exhaustion, and misery. We need to know the costs that come with them. Each one of us has different measures of success, and there may be some prices that we are not willing to pay. It may take time to figure out the sweet spot for ourselves, but we need to keep checking our progress and enthusiasm.

Also, we must be able to break down our goals into daily, aligned actions. Once we reverse engineer our goals, we will able to design a roadmap for ourselves hence getting a better and clearer idea of how to navigate ourselves as we go ahead. With repetition, consistency and the ensuing momentum, we will reach our destination.

We make goals so that they serve us, not vice versa. If required, it’s okay to let go and change goals as life is a constantly changing act. Our goals are not robust and set in concrete. As we gather different sets of experiences, and as we expand in our minds, our destinations may change; our previous goals may not align us with anymore.

That’s the beauty of life, each of us has a unique journey. We always have a chance to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch.

Life is a constant journey of oscillating between detachment and desire. Let your goals inspire you and bring clarity, not unnecessary worries and the compulsion to pay costs you’re not willing to pay.

Re-calibrate your goals and get in tune with your true desires and intentions. The sole purpose of goals is to lead us to fearlessness and freedom.


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