Sex Transmutation

In the book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill has mentioned that one of the steps to riches is Sex Transmutation.

This concept has been talked about a lot and lately lot of people have started applying it to their lives, for instance, the initiation and establishment of NoFap.

Sex Transmutation, in essence, means transforming the sexual energy into some other form of energy that is channeled towards completion of other creative endeavors

Now, from physics, we know energy is neither created nor destroyed but it can only change from one form to another. Also, sexual energy can be deemed as the highest form of creative energy, because when used this energy has the potential to create another living human being.

In the book, Napoleon Hill has written:

The emotion of sex has three constructive potentialities:

  1. The perpetuation of mankind
  2. The maintenance of health
  3. The transformation of mediocrity into genius through transmutation

Also, it is mentioned in the book that “The emotion of sex is, by great odds, the most intense and powerful of all mind stimuli which most effectively “step-up” the vibrations of the mind and start the “wheels” of physical action.”

So, you can understand how it may boost your creativity and productivity in work and other projects once you conserve, take control of that energy and redirect it.

How can we practice sex transmutation?

For men, in my opinion, I would suggest refraining from masturbation completely. This is easier said than done and as a man in my twenties, this has been extremely difficult for me. I did a 30-day NoFap challenge earlier in 2016 and felt amazing, but I have never been able to repeat this after that.

I remember there was a phase when I was getting better at holding my urges after I took up this challenge and at that time, I decided to start this blog and acted on it. This has proven to be a good creative outlet for me and is an example that motivates me to continue abstaining from masturbation as much as I can.

I have written another post on NoFap, so that may help you in this journey of being masturbation and ejaculation free if you’re interested.

For women, I am not sure if masturbation affects women as profoundly as men, but I do feel that there is a release of sexual energy every time you do it. It may work best not to masturbate as well. It may help in gaining more emotional intelligence and further sharpen your instincts.

Also, as men are driven by a mission or purpose, I would highly recommend on getting in the quest of identifying a passion that really fulfills and satisfies you. Focus your energy and attention it. It may be making music, writing a novel, tasting different types of wines, traveling, or whatever that fulfills your heart and soul. Once that happens, you can divert your creative energy to fulfilling your purpose. In this way, your mind is not free and does not demand sex in an addictive and obsessive, compulsive way. Definitely, more creativity and productivity may result in your work which may fulfill and satisfy you to greater extents.

Having consistent sex is definitely a game changer. As I was doing some research for this post, I realized that having a sexual relationship with partner(s) is so important. From my previous experiences, whenever I had consistent sex, the constant need to masturbate just evaporated. I feel more fulfilled and am more focused on other aspects of my life and more productive. Also, in order to benefit the most out of sex transmutation, it would be best if you do not ejaculate at all during sex.

If you’re someone who is still addicted to masturbation and does not have a sexual partner in his/her life as of now, I would suggest embracing the urges as this is normal and natural. Try to avoid as much as you can, but there would be times it would not be possible for you to control. If you stumble, do not feel any guilt or shame, just dust off and start this challenge again.

Having sex is hands down a good motive to get this aspect of your life handled, and work on developing yourself and your dating life.. Have consistent sex will work wonders for you! Also, if you refrain from ejaculating completely, you may end up bringing some unexpected and phenomenal success in all aspects of your life.

In a nutshell, the action steps would be:

For both men and women

  1. Quit porn
  2. Get rid of the habit of masturbation, and take up a NoFap challenge
  3. Be patient with yourself
  4. Focus on your dating life and have consistent sex with members of opposite sex (or same sex if you are homosexual)

For men exclusively

  1. Define a mission or purpose and channel your energies on executing it
  2. If possible, do not ejaculate while having sex. (Don’t beat yourself up if you do)

Sex transmutation is a simple idea but not easy. You will have a lot of setbacks, and even I struggle a lot now and then, but it is totally worth it! You will gain a mental clarity like never before.

If you’re young and struggling with your life and you want to get multiple areas of your life handled, I would highly suggest quitting porn and masturbation. Take up a NoFap challenge. The best way to rewire the brain completely would be to take a 90-day challenge. I believe if this can be accomplished, you would get rid of addiction towards masturbation and can take your creativity and productivity to another plane.

This is easier said than done, hence I would recommend starting with smaller short term goals and taking one day at a time. If you are someone who is having a hard time in believing this concept, it would be fair to experiment one time at least and see if it benefits you or not.

I hope it brings to you all the benefits that I have experienced myself, and help propel you towards big success and getting more desirable results in your life!


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