Slowing Down

In this fast-paced world today, everyone is in a rush. Everything can be achieved at a lightning speed. Technologically, this is a great advancement but spiritually this is bad.

There is a certain joy that you get when you do things slowly and enjoy each and every moment. There is more focus, and clarity. Your perception is better.

Imagine you’re eating food and have to rush for a meeting, you won’t be able to enjoy the food and would have constant thoughts about reaching there on time, what route you will be taking and other things. But when you have a good amount of time with you and when you’re having the same food item, you’ll be enjoying it much more. In reality, it is always in our control and if we wish we can slow things down.

If you’re in a job and you’re not happy because you have too much on your plate and the deadlines are unrealistic, then you have two ways: either continue doing it or find another that is slower and where you don’t stress out too much.

Some people have something called ‘superhero’ syndrome, where they think they can achieve a large number of tasks within a limited time. They think they can do everything, but this eventually leads to burnout. 

Slowing down is the best way, and it’s always there, it’s the way we look at things and think if it is possible or not.

Most people realize the importance of slowing down when they have been hustling like a headless chicken not knowing the direction they want to go to. Slowing down indicates direction and purpose. A great part about slowing down is that we have to realize what our true strengths and weaknesses are. What gives us true happiness, what gives us pain.

Once we know what gives us satisfaction and joy, all we have to do is just keep on doing those things.

You can only slow down when you have time on your side. We put so many things on our calendar and then we end up being terrible at productivity.

For starters, the slowing down process begins with a magic word: No

You have to decide if doing any activity is worth your time or not. You have to be mindful and strategic about what you plan to do. A minimalist approach is a key to slowing down.

If you’re someone who believes in taking massive action all the time, you will think this notion as counterintuitive. I have been through that stage where I was highly motivated and believed action taking is the cure-all, but this is not the case. When you slow down, you will actually start enjoying taking action because the pressure is off. Slowing down and relaxing will give you time for contemplation and analysis.

You will be more aware of what actions you’re taking, are they contributing to your goals or not, and in that way speed up your success by asking good questions to yourself.

One of the regrets of the dying people is that they worked too hard. You don’t realize in the moments when you’re in the grind. It’s like a hamster wheel, and you’re following your routine, your schedule but there are no signs of fulfillment and joy, may be no time for your loved ones. Is it truly worth it?

I had an unexpected break last year where I was away for three months with my family, and this time changed my perspective immensely. I have been working crazily before that time and perceived the time off as a big obstacle in front of me, but as I was not working, I slowed down and it gave me time to connect to myself.

I realized my deeper interests and started enjoying the time off. It ended up being a blessing for me because then I realized I was so stuck in my routine, I was not enjoying life and not doing the things that I like to do.

Make slowing down a priority. Get unnecessary tasks out of your life. Being slow doesn’t mean you’re being less productive. In fact, it means you’re doing mindful actions. Bring more awareness to your life, and see how your life will take off!

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