Smiling Outside, Stoic Inside

Most of us have a ‘resting bitch’ face. We live in a daze, consumed by our thoughts; as we keep marinating them in our heads, we end up expressing different negative emotions such as anger, confusion, frustration or despair on our faces, the majority of the times without our knowledge. Our default face is nowhere close to the one that exudes positivity and happiness to others.

We can cultivate a habit of having a smile on our face as a natural setting. We always look good when we smile. Not only it elevates our mood and gets us on the upward spiral of positive emotions, but it also makes us approachable and we end up uplifting other people as well.

If we are facing chaos and adversities, a smile on our face lets people know that we are immune to them. We communicate to them our belief that everything is still happening in our favor and things will work out eventually. We let them know that solution and relief are in sight and it’s just a matter of time till things get back to normal again.

We may need to force the smile initially, and also cultivate consistent awareness, but soon it will become our second nature over time.

We don’t have to grin from ear to ear, but all we need to have is a subtle smile, a smile that reflects calmness and contentment, like the smile of Buddha: beautiful and serene.

Inside, we are Stoics who are in touch with the emotions brewing inside of us. We have a deeper understanding of letting go of things and conditions that are not in our control, and focusing exclusively on the things that we can control and change.

We are not numb to our emotions but by virtue of our previous training, we are able to better manage them. Our fundamental perceptions are not affected by chaos and adversities.

We are observing and deconstructing our obstacles so that we can turn them into opportunities. This alchemy is facilitated by our commitment to the three Stoic disciplines: perception, action, and will.

Our internal processes should not reach our face. With a smile on our face and a Stoic mindset, we are able to initiate a positive feedback loop of uplifting emotions that help us cruise through any challenge that we face.

If we are engulfed with anxieties, worries, and fears, we should not let them affect our body language and show up on our face. When we become fearful and anxious, we make others fearful and anxious too. Vibrationally, we make it difficult to attain the alignment with our true peaceful and happy state. When we smile in time of chaos, we let others know that things are okay and we don’t need to take life so seriously.

Sure, there will be times when smiling is inappropriate and we need to be socially intelligent and be cognizant of how our smile can convey mixed messages to the people around us. But, with a calm demeanor, we can escape the hold that the claws of adversities can have on us.

A Stoic attitude and a smiling face are tools in our arsenal that will help us prepare and overcome the everyday challenges of modern life.

The more we train ourselves, the easier it will become to pass the tests of life.


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