The Last Day


Today is the last day of 2016. People look back and see how their year has been. For some, it has been a spectacular one, for some it has been terrible. Same year, different perspectives. This is a good example to understand we all live different lives. We all have our unique problems, solutions and ways to course through this life.Some of us succeed, some don’t! There is no point in comparing yourself to others!

Also, it is the time of the year, when people all around the world will celebrate the New Year together! Now, isn’t it magical? People are all united by this happy occurrence, no matter where they are. It gives us the realization that as humans, no matter our nationalities, our races, or our cultures, we are all the same. We are celebrating and sharing happiness together, what a wonderful spectacle everyone will witness today!

If it helps, a New Year gives you a blank slate to work on. It may be psychological for some people, and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t! In reality, I don’t think in the same way. People think that the year is new, and now they have the chance to revolutionize their lives, but this is so not true! They forget that as humans, we cannot turn into a new person overnight. A New Year may give us a fresh perspective, but the Old You is the same person.

The beliefs, habits, and thinking patterns are the same as they were towards the end of previous year. It takes time and consistent effort. We don’t have to wait for a New Year every time to make developing ourselves a priority. I believe it should be a daily conscious decision. Nevertheless, if a New Year does help someone in starting fresh, gaining new clarity and embarking on this path with consistent actions, then that’s always a great news!

A great thing you can start doing today is set goals. Goal setting is very important and crucial to your success. It’s like an anchor that will keep you grounded, and a beacon that will guide you in your journey. I’m setting up 90-day goals for myself (till end of March 2016). 90 days is a good time interval, neither too long nor too short, which is good for consistency and keep your focus intact.

Make a list of achievements and victories that you had this year in all aspects of your life, may it be finances, health or dating and relationships. The New Year’s Eve night would be a good way to celebrate them, and welcome the New Year with a positive perspective!

If you’re already doing your yearly review, which I highly recommend, you will also realize what mistakes you made, and what lessons you’ve learned. Make a promise to yourself, to not repeat the same mistakes all over again this year.

As I’m reviewing all the mistakes I made past year, I’m making a promise to myself: To not f**k it up! Also, I’m realizing what things worked for me, and what didn’t! And it’s simple, just keep doing the things that worked like a charm and keep in mind the lessons that I learned. Make success your friend and ally, and self-sabotage your worst hidden enemy.

Also, today is the Last day of this year. This is such a good lesson for us, time never comes back, it’s gone.. forever! Like a water running the bridge, it will keep flowing, keep passing. Past is past, let go of all the setbacks and failures. They are not going to change. Let go of all the people that either didn’t add value to your lives or with whom things never worked out the way they should have been. Let this old year take away all your attachments, weaknesses, and negativities.

There are few hours to go before the New Year starts. Start it on a happy and positive note, a belief that great things are coming into your life. All your visions and your desires will be coming true. You have done the necessary work, now all you have to do is be in the receiving mode and let it unfold. The Universe has your back, and it will bring all those things in your life!

Align yourself to your core, do things that make you happy and bring fun into your life. Be a Karma Yogi and keep taking necessary actions without getting attached to the results. The Universe will take care of the rest!

May you have a happy, productive and prosperous New Year!

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