The Temptation of Being Stupid

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”
— Albert Einstein

We know what things we should do and what behaviors we need to have in our lives but still, we don’t. The sad truth is that we cannot resist the temptation of being stupid. We don’t want to be someone who knows it all.

We have to ask ourselves some deep questions. What is stopping us from being intelligent and smart? What is restricting us in taking the right decisions and making the right choices? Maybe it’s the fear of success that is acting up. Maybe we are trying to fit in with our friends and coworkers. Even though we know internally that our peers are making bad decisions we still trust them. We know them and it’s the familiarity that fuels this trust.

We don’t want to rely on an expert from the internet or a book that we don’t know because that requires us to step out of our comfort zones.  Our comfort zone is with our friends and relatives who also end up becoming our advisors and mentors. And we never change!

Deep down we know that we need to spend less than what we earn, but still lot of people live paycheck to paycheck every month. Deep down we know that we need to go for a run or go lift weights but we don’t. Deep down we know that eating a good, healthy and balanced diet is the best way to nourish our bodies; but still, we want our taste buds fulfilled by easy and greasy fast food choices.

We know how going out at night and drinking screws up our sleep routine and makes us feel miserable the next morning. But still, we indulge in them. We know waking up early can put us in the right mindset to start our day and work on our passion project before we go to our day jobs.  But still, we just don’t care. We are more concerned with feeling pleasure in the moment rather than building a life that we love.

What’s the reason that we are scared of reaching our full potential? Are we scared that if we become the know-it-all we will be abandoned by our friends and family?  What’s the downside of being smart and making the right decisions? Why are we happy being victims, complaining all the time and marinating in the darkness, instead of rolling up our sleeves and doing what is right? We have the gift of a human brain that can bring magnificent ideas into reality, yet we end up corrupting it and making all the bad choices.

Being stupid is normal.  Being a victim and thinking that things are not in our control is normal. Letting other people take decisions for us is normal.  Buying stuff that we don’t want, and hanging out with people that we don’t like and calling them as friends, is normal.  Taking advice for life choices, career, finances, health, relationships from the people around us is normal.  But are we human beings designed to be normal?  No, we are meant to create extraordinary things and extraordinary lives for us.

We know what is right for us. So it is our responsibility to gravitate towards behaviors that lead us to a successful life. We have known how it feels to be confused, powerless and miserable all our lives. So why not do things that help us make feel good about creating a life that we truly want?

If people around us are stupid, then we have to accept them as they are. We have to gently guide them towards being extraordinary. That is how all of us are meant to be.  Humans like to settle and accept everything that is going around us. But we also have a capability like no other being on this planet. We are great at adapting. If we want, we can take a decision now to totally change the course of our lives.

Being successful means being extraordinary. It means being an exception and embracing the light within. So if we want to be successful we have to dump the stupidity. We have to dump being normal. It’s time to shun the company of stupidity, it’s time to join the elite!


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