What’s your Default Setting?

As I was meditating today, I found asking myself a question after my session completed: Why we choose misery and pain over leading a comfortable life? And then I had this idea, a realization that maybe there’s a problem or a defect in the innate default setting that we all have. So, in essence, we can say that having a successful life is all a matter of correcting this inner setting.

Now, this doesn’t happen overnight but slowly and gradually we can nudge ourselves every day to reach this state; a state of feeling abundant and embracing all the opportunities, riches and prosperity life has to offer. A place where we are growing consistently and living up to our true potential.

As kids, we’re always seeking out new possibilities and achievements. We’re open-minded and always striving for success. But as we grow up and gather more life experiences, we start believing that success is something that requires tons of effort and struggle. Our society, culture, circumstances and people around us tarnish our core beliefs and our default setting gets changed.

It’s time we end this misery and victimhood. So, if you feel that you’re supposed to live a life of difficulty and have to keep carrying the burden of all the responsibilities that you don’t need, take charge and just let them go! Start embracing the life that you really want to live; take the first step towards it and correct your flawed default setting.

Get dialed in with your thoughts and realize where you are at the moment, where you want to be and start moving there slowly. Resetting to your innate default setting is being in touch with the inherent intelligence that is present in all of us. It’s being in alignment with the Source energy and in sync with nature and the Universe. We need to reinvent ourselves, start building a new foundation and get ourselves grounded through sowing the seeds of positivity, self-reliance and an unwavering faith in ourselves.

Your natural default setting is the one that makes you feel amazing and on top of this world; a place where everything happens for you and great things flow into your life easily and effortlessly.  You’re simply enjoying all the wonderful life experiences and having fun. If you are not feeling this way then, it’s time to reset.  

We end up accumulating different beliefs and behaviors through the people and media around us. As we get influenced by them we distance ourselves from our default setting. It is paramount that we protect our minds from them, and change our associations.

A great way is to be surrounded with people that are dialed into their default settings and are ecstatic about their lives and the work that they do. This will encourage and help you turn the knob. And slowly but surely you’ll get to the stage, where you’re in touch with the poetry of your well-being, in alignment with your true self, in sync with your inner genius, and are having the time of your life!

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