Your Ideal Self

It’s so important to have an image in your mind about how your ideal, higher self is and what kind of traits he/she possesses. If we have a blueprint of what kind of person we want to be in say 3 years, only then we’ll have a clear idea about the goals that we need to accomplish.

Often times we have these mental blocks due to which we feel we cannot be our ideal best self. Because of these blocks, we end up setting some vague goals and when they’re not accomplished, we feel frustrated.

A good thing to do is sit in a relaxed position, breathe deeply and close your eyes. Do a visualization exercise and imagine yourself after a certain time frame (can be  3 or 5 years, depending on how long you think it will take you to to be your ideal self!).

Make a mental image of the future You:

What’s your lifestyle like?
Where do you live?
How does your home look like?
What kind of clothes do you wear?
How are your finances?
How is your romantic life like?
What’s your body type?
How do you spend your time?
What gives you a source of fulfillment?
What’s your workspace like?
What are the values you stand by?
What do you do for fun?

Some qualities, traits, and images will come to your mind. Make a mental note of all of them. Don’t worry if your imagery is not the best, just do it as best as you can!

Once you put yourself in the shoes of your future ideal self, you will feel all the emotions that you will experience in future. As you feel those emotions again and again, Law of Attraction will come into action and your thinking will start to change. New patterns will surface, and you will be able to analyze what current patterns are not contributing to your success, and encourage you to change your habits!

Now, most importantly, think of this image of your future ideal self as a done deal! Slowly and gradually incorporate all the behaviors, mindsets and habits of your ideal self in your life. Set up some short-term goals. Think as he would, and start bringing small but significant changes in your life.

For instance, if your ideal self has six-pack abs, then start researching about healthy fitness and diet habits, and how a six-pack is achieved and maintained. And slowly as you do it more and more, you will start adopting habits that will take you there.

Once you start doing them, your subconscious mind will adapt to your new lifestyle and work in your favor to bring more positive changes in your life. This will take time so be patient. Don’t stress yourself too much and take big leaps, as this will not give you sustained results, and build unnecessary pressure on yourself.

Think of your ideal self as a beacon of light and your destination. Have a definite time frame in your mind about how long it will take you to reach there, can be months to few years.

Meditate often and have a clear image of your ideal self, and how he/she is. Your ideal self may change over a time, but it will get clearer and more congruent to your own dreams and as you adopt new positive beliefs. Visualization and meditation are key tools in your journey to be your ideal self. Keep repeating them on a daily/consistent basis.

A key factor is when you think of your ideal self, let it bring positivity and make you feel good. You should never feel pressured. Acceptance of your current circumstance and an agreement with yourself to slowly but surely guide yourself to your ideal lifestyle will take you ahead in this journey.

You are on your way to becoming your ideal self, it’s just a matter of time!

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